USA Team

Your primary contacts are in the US and have many decades of experience in the industry. They are commit-ted to making your experience with Grantmail Direct Marketing the best it can be.

Grant Zhu, Owner: Although owner Grant Zhu lives in and works primarily in China, he spends a significant amount of time in the US and Europe visiting customers. His years as a package engineer and in the gift industry have served Grantmail Direct Marketing customers very well, as he has a keen eye for how to configure products and materials to create the best result for our customers. Grant takes great pride in helping customers grow their donor files, and explore new ways of generating greater support for his clients’ missions.

John Stancik, Business Development & Client Services: John brings 11 years of experience in direct marketing, with a global focus. John led teams on strategy, creative, design, production, list selection and results analysis. Additionally, he has extensive experience in IT and management strategy. John is a member of the DMAW, is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and holds certifications in both Six Sigma and SCRUM Fundamentals. Feel free to contact John directly for all your fundraising needs at.

Brenda Catts, Production Director: Brings 36 years of direct mail agency experience working with non-profit clients. Brenda has been involved in all areas of a direct mail agency, including account management, statistical analysis, budgeting, projections, production, list management and brokerage. Just prior to joining Grantmail, she held a senior role in procuring a wide variety of premium items including complete direct mail packages.

Sameh Attia, Production Manager: With over 9 years of experience in Marketing and Direct Mail, and 16 years in Accounting and Business Management, Sameh brings a strategic strength to Grantmail that empowers your mailing projects. He has been involved in every aspect of DM Production, and he ensures your campaigns are planned and executed with precision.
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